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Aroma Bottles

Aroma Bottles 31-36 Sept 2014

Aroma Bottle History and pictures of our current inventory of Aroma Bottles



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Ancient Balms

I’ve begun making balms using Biblical plants that are infused in olive oil. Today I will finish one that I am making for a friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.


In ancient days there wasn’t our modern marvel of essential oils, contrary to what the current phenomena of those who promote essential oils as being a “panacea” for every ailment under the sun. There are times we just need to get back to the ways things used to be, in fact Scripture tells us that we will find our end, in our beginning. (Isaiah 46).

Infusions Frank & Myrrh ~ Calendula

Precious Oils first anointing oil was made using the ancient process of infusing plants into olive oil with the sun being the heat source.

This fall I will be on the ancient incense trail in Israel for five weeks cooking and serving groups. In my spare time I will be making Biblical Balms. I am super excited because I’ll be able to use some desert and other plants that grow in Israel, and to top it off we’ve been asked to be part of a very special ancient garden planting project.

If you want to know more, or want to contribute to this very exciting project please e-mail me at ApothecaryMamaCynthia@gmail.com and I will send you the information.

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Tsoree’ ~ A Gentle Healing Balm for Aches and Pains


Last week I was given two challenges. While they may have seemed as totally being unrelated, somehow they came together.

The first challenge was from a customer of my tea and spice business who wanted to know what he could do with his excess peppers. I told him that he wasn’t alone as we also have our own abundant hot pepper crop.  I began sharing with him some culinary options from drying the peppers and how to make spiced vinegar’s and hot sauces. THEN I told him that he could make “healing balms”. As I explained the ancient process, and how to incorporate our modern day essential oils, we both knew that sticking with the culinary side was a much better option for him.

The second challenge was from a friend who is need of something to help her husband’s pain. After asking a few questions it was determined that alternating between hot and cool compresses could possibly help but I also felt that “cool and warm” healing ointments may possibly be beneficial. I packaged a bottle of my “RELIEF”, an essential oil blend using the ancient formula of Tei Fu, and sent it to her. As I scoured my herbal books for other helpful ideas I knew that I should make use of both the pepper harvest and the need of a pain remedy for my friend. I’m calling it Tsoree’, which is the Hebrew word for “balm”. I made a lot of it, so if you, or someone you know would like to try a jar or a tester I will be happy to send one to you.

 Go to my Facebook page and “Like” Apothecary Mama and I will send out Tsoree’ to the first five people who respond “Pink Me ~ Pick Me!”.  

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Or send me an e-mail with your request to TheHealingLeaves@aol.com for your Tsoree’

Don’t forget that Apothecary Mama is hosting THE HEALING LEAVES, a FREE seminar on September 20th in Mooresville, North Carolina. Kindly register so we can have enough handouts and lunch for everyone who wants to learn more about essential oils from leaves and how to make your own healing balms as well as other aromatherapy products. E-mail THEHEALINGLEAVES@AOL.COM

The Healing Leaves Seminar small flyer

My RELIEF blend has become wildly popular as well as being popular among my husband’s co-worker’s at the machine shop where he works. RELIEF contains a few cooling essential oils such as camphor and mint as well as lavender. I currently blend it in fractionated coconut oil but am considering adding beeswax or coconut oil to make it into a balm since I’ve found out through the years that not everyone likes “oil”. You can find “Relief” on my website


Look for our Apothecary Mama teaching on Biblical Balm and Hebrew Word picture later this week.