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Hyssop ~ A Plant of the Bible ~ Ezob

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I’ve just posted two teachings on the plant of the Bible Hyssop, which in Hebrew is ezob. Enjoy.





Hebrew Word Picture Blog on Hyssop ~ A Plant of the Bible


Author: Precious Oils

Cynthia Hillson has been married to David for 37 years. They are the parents of six children and grandparents of seven. Precious Oils Up On the Hill is the ministry Cynthia began in 1991 after a three-day encounter with the Holy Spirit where she was instructed to “anoint the nations” and “prepare the Bride”. Cynthia is a Modern Day Apothecary who teaches about Biblical fragrances for personal delight, physical health, and spiritual growth. Cynthia lovingly calls her books and workshops a “Show and Smell” ministry. Cynthia's other passion is taking love and comfort to Israel; something she has done 36 times since 1999. She invites you to travel to Israel in the Spring of 2019 for a plant-based tour of Israel where you meet my fragrant friends as well as visit some of the key sites throughout Israel from the Galilee, to the desert to Jerusalem.

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